Insurance Industry well represented at the Oxfam Trailwalker

Damien Coates, Asia Pacific CEO of DUAL Australia along with his friends Stu White, Mark Vander Straaten and Alex Allegrini  successfully completed the Oxfam Trailwalker recently, finishing in 19hrs 10 mins and placed 8th overall.

The Oxfam Australia Trailwalker is a team endurance event in which teams of four tackle 100kms of Australian bush within 48 hours to raise funds to fight poverty and injustice throughout the world. This isn’t the team’s first outing at this event, they have participated in Oxfam Trailwalker four times now.

“It’s such a great cause to support and the perfect event to challenge you both mentally & physically, we were ready to do something epic to fight poverty and injustice throughout the world. Our first attempt was in 2011 and we completed it in 32 hours and we’ve been challenging ourselves to get faster with each try.”

Coates stresses the importance of corporates valuing events like this for team building. He says “The bond you form with people during endurance events is something special, sharing that hardship with someone and supporting each other to the finish line is an incredible feeling.  It’s not for everyone but certainly if businesses can support their staff and encourage these kinds of activities they reap the benefits through having a more engaged and healthier workforce.”

Coates believes this experience has been life changing. “Every time you complete an event like this you are a little different, you have overcome another hurdle or accomplished something you once thought impossible. I think that’s why people keep going back, because the feeling of overcoming a challenge is addictive!”