Insurer scrubs up on branding

IAG has refreshed its brand identity in order to distinguish itself from competition within the Asia-Pacific region.

Incoming IAG Managing Director and CEO Peter Harmer says that the company’s new branding, which includes a change in logo colour, font and removal of ‘Insurance Australia Group’, will better suit its growing market.

“While Australia is our largest market, our organisation has a significant presence in New Zealand and an increasing presence in key Asian markets so it’s important this is reflected in our brand,” Harmer says.

“Brand recognition plays an integral role in telling the IAG story, so our visual identity must be distinctive, modern and engaging, reflecting our future aspirations and supporting our plans to engage with a broader set of stakeholders.”

Harmer says that the change is also aimed at strengthening customers association between IAG and its brands, including NRMA Insurance, CGU, SGIO, SGIC, WFUI, Swann Insurance and more.

“We also want to strengthen the link between IAG and its customer brands to differentiate us from our competitors,” Harmer says.

“Our research shows customers value knowing who stands behind the insurance brands they choose, particularly the financial security, strength and scale that comes from being backed by IAG.”