It’s time to reinvent

True to the theme of the 2016 NIBA Convention, seven-time world surfing champion Layne Beachley AO shared her story of success and how she manages to stay relevant.

Her advice: “If you feel that sense of complacency, if you feel a bit too much comfort, it is time to reinvent yourself. It is time to do something different.”

Beachley explained, through all her years chasing the surfing championships, she had to constantly reinvent, to keep herself inspired, maintain motivation and to stay at the top of the game. “To maintain relevance … you have to embrace reinvention.”

A truly inspiring speaker, Beachley advised delegates at the Sunday opening plenary to stop self-sabotaging, be willing to take risks, to surround yourself with your tribe – “honesty barometers”, and be aware of your framing, among other things. “I see opportunity in every single challenge,” she noted.

And know your why. “When you know why you do what it is you do, and that is what people buy into. People don’t buy what you do. People buy why you do it. When you know what is driving you, why you want it, that is when you can surround yourself with people who want it too … sometimes people who want it more than you.”

“We think our opportunities are infinite, but as we get older we realise our opportunities are quite finite and if we are walking around thinking ‘what if’ … if we are worried about all the variables and all the things we can’t control, they become excuses and stories about why we can’t,” Beachley pointed out. “We become self-fulfilling prophesies. Distractions are the number one threat to achieving your dreams.”

She quotes Eminem lyrics – a song that came on quite coincidentally as she was about to ride the last wave to become a world record holder: “You better lose yourself in the music, the moment/You own it, you better never let it go/You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow/This opportunity comes once in a lifetime …”

Beachley concluded: “You don’t have to do anything that changes the world to reinvent yourself. All you have to be willing to do is step outside your comfort zone often enough that it gives you room for growth and contribution because they are the two great desires in human beings. … as long as you are willing to grow, willing to do something a bit different … “

“Your past is not your future. The past is a great reflection point … Keep looking through the windscreen because the windscreen is much larger than the rear-view mirror.”