JLT group WHS company celebrates 30 years

Over the last 30 years, Recovre a JLT Group company has safely provided Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) and rehabilitation assistance to over 300,000 Australians.

“It is evident that our clients appreciate our customisation and tailored approach. Not only do we work with them, but also on behalf of them, collaborating with key stakeholders across Australia. We were one of the first rehabilitation providers to proactively reach out and partner with all stakeholders – regulators, insurers, employers and government organisations. This allowed us to influence working models, keeping the focus on achieving the best outcomes for injured workers, employers, insurers and regulators,” said Matthew Bacon, CEO, JLT Benefit Solutions and Recovre.

“Because it’s only when everyone wins, we win. Our Outcomes Focused Model uses a proactive approach to improve industry standards and reach client goals through innovative solutions. Our employees are measured on efficiency, quality of service and tailored client results to ensure excellent consultancy. This has had a tremendous effect on client satisfaction,” said Bacon.

Workplace rehabilitation is a growing and increasingly important area of focus in Australia, with employees keen to return to work and employers and insurers looking to reduce the cost of absence, amidst mounting evidence for mental wellbeing.

“A high performance culture is critical to the growth of our clients as well as the growth of the industry. In the next 30 years, Recovre is dedicated to continuing innovative and cost-effective offerings for our clients, safe working environments for employees and efficient programs to assist injured Australians to get back to work and on their feet,” said Bacon.

“The combination of Recovre’s Rehabilitation Services and JLT’s Insurance businesses has introduced, for the first time ever, a fully integrated national ‘whole of people risk’ offering to the Australian market – redefining industry dynamics with all businesses sitting under one roof. This has given our consultants a better understanding of the broader impacts of their work and a holistic perspective on the needs of key stakeholders,” said Bacon.

Recovre are celebrating 30 years of best practice WHS and rehabilitation by hosting morning teas across their offices in Australia.