Large insurer releases tools for SME market

Vero’s 2014 SME Index Report shed some glaring light on the mindset of SME owners and the misapprehensions many have about using brokers.

However, Vero have recently released a tutorial video highlighting the benefits of small businesses using brokers, which can be embedded on broker websites.

The video is the second of four, which draws on the research of more than 1,500 small business owners in the SME report.

Andrew Mair, Suncorp Commercial Insurance’s Executive General Manager of Distribution, says the tools are an interactive way for brokers to assist customers.

“Brokers can use this video to promote their services and expertise to their customers. For example, they can embed the video on their websites and show it to customers on their tablet computers during meetings,” he says.

“The video identifies and explains the top four benefits of using an insurance broker and presents them in an accessible and engaging format.”

Mair says that the overwhelming feedback from business owners who already use brokers was an indication that better communication is needed to promote brokers.

“The research unequivocally showed that broker customers understand the value of the services they are receiving. For example, 92% of broker clients say they are satisfied with the service they receive,” Mair says.

“However, it also showed that those who don’t use brokers didn’t understand the benefits. This is something we need to change.

“Fortunately, a third of direct insurance customers say they would consider a broker, so there are fantastic opportunities communicate with these business owners.

“To do this we need to communicate the benefits that were clearly identified by those satisfied business owners who use brokers.”