LMI moves into insurance explainer videos space

LMI Group is aiming to do its bit to demystify the insurance process for consumers and business owners by releasing a series of insurance explainer videos entitled ‘Insurance Bites’.

Hosted by Steven Manning, Head of eServices for LMI Group, the two-minute videos focus on different areas of insurance and cut out the jargon to give a clear and concise overview of why insurance matters and the benefits of particular types of cover.

Explaining why the company has thrown resources behind the new videos, Manning said: “LMI started in the claims space, and as a direct result of this we see the effects that underinsurance can have firsthand.

“Insurers are advertising on a huge scale focusing on price and we are seeing this have a knock-on effect on the general public, creating a belief that the only difference between the direct policies and broker-agreed wordings is price.

“We wanted to provide a platform that can help explain ’demystify’ different insurance topics in an attempt to educate the public so that those misconceptions don’t leave them in a position where they are not fully covered come claim time.”

While he admits he didn’t go into the process aiming to become the ‘face of insurance’ Manning told Broker Buzz that he’s really enjoying getting some time in front of the camera.

“Filming the videos is actually quite outside of my comfort zone, but I really believe in the message and the industry has been very supportive of what we are trying to do, which is great!”

You can view the video channel here.