New commercial marine player hits the water

Specialist marine underwriter NM Insurance has launched a new commercial brand aimed strictly at the commercial marine sector.

Proteus Marine Insurance will provide marine cargo, liability and commercial hulls, as well as risk management services for brokers.

NM Insurance CEO Lyndon Turner says helping brokers in the marine lines is important to the group.

“Commercial marine lines are a key growth opportunity for our group,” he says.

“With the expertise of our underwriters, claims staff and supporting syndicate at Lloyd’s, we will offer unique value in this space.

“We look forward to working with our partners to explore further opportunities. We have experienced underwriters across Australia and New Zealand, in the commercial marine insurance space to complement our other products and services.”

Proteus’ underwriting will be managed by David Hoffman, who has more than 20 years commercial marine insurance experience. Peter Latemore will head up claims.