New CPD app for insurance professionals

CPD Anytime has launched a subscription based education app that enables insurance professionals to earn CPD points anytime, anywhere, using their smartphones.

Gurnaik Tiyur, director of CPD Anytime believes the app will bring enormous efficiencies to the industry. “Traditional forms of CPD involve a lot of downtime for a business because it
requires staff being out of the office or listening to training at inconvenient times as well as time lost in inputing and collating training onto your training register. If you consider the hidden cost, time away from the office, traveling to and from training etc, it is quite a cost to the business. Even more so if you are a regional based business.”

All the CPD points are accredited by NIBA and ANZIIF and over 25 points will be available during the year. “For the insurance professional, the CPD Anytime App fits in with their modern lifestyle. We live in an age where everything we do is based around technology and being able to use it when we want to, as we want to . We are the Netflix generation, everything on demand, all in the palm of our hand’s thanks to our smartphones,” says Tiyur.

The CPD Anytime app will be delivering a broad spread of training ,ranging from soft skills, business planning, economic updates, legal updates, marketing, as well as the latest on insurance products. For large groups, the CPD Anytime APP can be co-branded or white labelled .