NIBA launches new Code of Practice website

Brokers can now go online to enhance their understanding of the new Insurance Brokers Code of Practice, after NIBA launched a dedicated website.

The web version adopts the same design elements as the printed version, which was circulated to NIBA members before Christmas. However, it has been adapted specifically for the online environment, featuring smaller chunks of information in an easy-to-navigate setting to aid in understanding.

Also included is a series of additional pop-up guidance notes, which serve to further clarify and explain terminology and give practical examples of how the Code can be applied to given scenarios.

The web version also includes some background information not included in the printed document putting into context, what the Code means for brokers; and what it means for consumers. These sections include downloadable resources highlighting the value of Code, which are useful for both brokerage staff and clients. A full PDF version of the printed Code is also available to download.

NIBA CEO Dallas Booth said he hopes members will take the Code to heart and put it at the core of their operations. “It’s important that brokers continue to reaffirm to clients – and potential clients – their commitment to professionalism, competence and integrity.

“The Code reflects and underpins that and shows that a broker who subscribes to the Code is strongly committed to providing exceptional advice on risk and insurance matters, as well as high levels of customer service.”