NIBA launches revamped member website

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NIBA launched its new website at September’s Convention following an extensive structural and design overhaul.

Previously NIBA had separate association and College websites, but these have been merged into one, with a simplified structure ensuring relevant content is more intuitively positioned to enhance the user experience. The site is also fully responsive on mobile devices.

Working with Stamford Interactive, a specialist user experience and research company, a number of NIBA members participated in sessions to help identify the most important information they needed from the site.

This has significantly reduced the number of pages on the site, while also more effectively showcasing NIBA activities in relation to representation, member services and community awareness.

NIBA Communications Manager Neal Maidment says: “The previous NIBA and NIBA College websites were extremely difficult to navigate and this was a significant barrier to members finding the information they need in a straightforward manner.

“We’re confident the new website will deliver everything our members will need from it, while also educating them on NIBA projects, initiatives and successes that they might otherwise be unaware of.”

The website also makes extensive use of imagery of real NIBA members, as is the case consistently across NIBA’s other print and online communications platforms.

Visit to view the new site structure.