NIBA mentoring program returns

The acclaimed NIBA mentoring program is seeking mentors and mentees to take part in the upcoming program to be launched in August.

Commencing in Brisbane, Townsville, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, the 12-week program pairs experienced industry figures with young insurance professionals to offer them insight and guidance, and to help them achieve their professional goals.

The program also features three group workshops, including a final mentee presentation, and has been lauded by past participants as one of the most valuable professional experiences.

Running since 2008, the NIBA mentoring program has helped hundreds of young insurance professionals overcome challenges and progress in their careers.

If you’d like to be involved, NIBA is now accepting applications. Mentors can apply here via a simple online form. Mentees can sign up here.

Read more about what recent participants have gained from the program here and here.

The application deadline is Friday 24 July.

You can view full details of the program here.