NIBA voices concerns on workers compensation and the NSW ESL

NSW Treasury is seeking feedback on issues that affect small businesses to inform a refresh of the NSW Small Business Strategy.

NIBA CEO Dallas Booth has said that the Association will be making a submission to the NSW Treasury Small Business Strategy 2020: Discussion Paper highlighting the impact of workers compensation and the Emergency Services Levy on small businesses.

The NSW Small Business Strategy 2020 Discussion Paper outlines five themes on issues that affect the small business community including:

  • a strong economy for small business to thrive in
  • making it easier to contract with government
  • making it easier to do business
  • building small business capability
  • building resilient, connected and prepared small businesses.

Within the Discussion Paper, NSW Treasury is also seeking feedback on the review of the Small Business Commissioner Act 2013 which establishes the objectives, functions and powers of the NSW Small Business Commissioner.