NIBA’s Mentoring Program begins

NIBA Mentoring Program begins soon in South Australia and Victoria.

Dennis Rebbeck, Managing Director, DPR Investments Pty Ltd and Mentor from Victoria says, “I believe the Industry has been very good to me and I am strongly committed to the education and training of young persons determined to aspire in Insurance Broking. It is a great opportunity interact with young persons in the Industry and provide some leadership gained through my experiences.”

The NIBA mentoring program has been established to provide insurance professionals with guidance and support as their careers evolve. The program now runs in all Australian state capitals and is open to professionals at all stages of their careers.

Mentoring encourages and supports Young Professionals to manage their own learning, maximize their potential, and develop their skills and performance. Mentoring can be defined as a two-way partnership which may encompass coaching, role modelling, supporting and appraising, or being a buddy depending on the needs of the mentee and the capabilities of the mentor.

The program is looking for driven young brokers, underwriters and insurers who want to take responsibility for their own learning and development, be open to different perspectives, take on challenges and tasks set as part of the program, and be able to accept appropriate feedback and coaching.

Mentees and Mentors on completion of the 12 week program receive 6 CPD points.

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