No government hand in SA bushfire clean up


The South Australian government has indicated to the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) that it is not in a position to fund or manage the cleanup of debris after bushfires tore through the state earlier this month.

The decision means property owners in the Adelaide Hills are on their own to clean up and negotiate with insurers, an ICA spokesperson explains.

The fire began on 2 January in Sampson Flat, and spread through areas of the Adelaide Hills bolstered by warm weather and dry conditions. It burned through more than 12,500 hectares and at least 27 homes were lost. Although no lives were lost, ABC media reports say four businesses were lost along with nearly 1000 livestock. Rain aided firefighters in containing the blaze on 8 January.

More than 730 claims have been lodged, around half of which are commercial claims, with estimated insurance losses near $24.9 million. At least $1.4 million has already been paid in cash and services.