NSW broker plays for cup named after him at SCG

Last week the SCG XI played for the John Dunk Cup at the prestigious Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), with teams competing for the cup named after NSW broker John Dunk.

The four father & son families included John and James Dunk from Dunk Insurance at Young. SCG XI plays matches locally, as well as on tours and the money they raise goes towards providing a country cricketer with a scholarship to enable them to come to Sydney to progress their cricket career. The team encourages young players to become involved & emphasises that their dreams are achievable.

John says “For me, coming from Hungerford in far west NSW, travelling 185 kilometres each way for a home game on a dirt road playing on dirt grounds to end up with this opportunity playing on the best ground in the world I hope will inspire youngsters to believe anything is possible”.

The team also plays in country areas and has had the opportunity to play overseas at similarly prestigious venues as well.

“It has enabled me to go on two Ashes Tours to England where we played 11 games including one at Lords. During our tour I was invited, along with three other team members to a private tour of the Queen’s horse complex at Windsor Castle, then to Royal Ascot in the member’s pavilion & also the Polo as a guest in the members to watch Argentinian Teams compete against their Australian counterparts. I didn’t think I’d have had the good fortune to visit these places, stay in Castles and learn of so much history.”

The SCG trust has assured the team that the John Dunk Cup will be a permanent fixture which John says is great news because they will be able offer more players the opportunity to live their dream.

“It is my ultimate goal to stay fit & be able to play with James’ son Roy who is now seven. That would be a great thrill-three generations playing together on the SCG” says John.