NSW workers comp reformed

WorkCover NSW is weeks away from overhauling the premium systems for medium and large businesses.

The reforms follow on from a similar operation for small businesses in 2013, which resulted in 15% reduction in claims, 5% improvement in return to work rates, 50% reduction in paperwork and a significant reduction in disputes and appeals.

WorkCover NSW has released a guide to help businesses prepare for the reform, available here.

WorkCover NSW CEO Vivek Bhatia says: “As part of getting ready for the reforms, 14,200 medium and large businesses across NSW will receive a simple user guide to the new renewal process for premiums.”

“We’re keeping business informed by providing this information as part of a campaign of awareness and engagement leading up to 30 June,” he added.

Developed by WorkCover NSW, the guide aims to provide facts about the reforms and steps to reducing premiums through safety records and injury management.