Online video for brokers to highlight their value

Vero has launched on online video for brokers to share with their existing and potential customers to highlight the value of having an insurance expert in their corner during a claim.

The animated video tells the story of bike store owner Ben and how his broker was able to help him with his claim following a robbery. The video emphasises Ben’s relief when he realises his broker can assist him with the process, allowing him to focus on his business.

Vero has developed this video as a resource for brokers to share with customers based on one of the key findings in the 2016 SME Insurance Index. The SME Index revealed that more than a quarter of SME broker customers do not know that their brokers manage insurance claims. The Index also found that 74% of SMEs who know that their broker manages the claims process are satisfied with their broker (they recorded a satisfaction score of 8-10).

This video can be used to emphasise the advice and assistance brokers provide during a claim and educate customers about the many different roles brokers play. Brokers can embed the YouTube clip into their own websites as well as use it for marketing to prospective clients.