Opportunity for NIBA SA Broker Members

Lawguard Management Pty Ltd seeks Expressions of Interest from NIBA SA Members

The Professional Indemnity Insurance Scheme which is administered by the Law Society of SA is established pursuant to section 52 of the Legal Practitioners Act 1981.

In 1996, the Society established Lawguard Management Pty Ltd (“Lawguard”) to administer and manage certain aspects of the Scheme pursuant to a Management Agreement and delegations from the Society’s Council.  The Society is the sole shareholder of Lawguard.

The Constitution of Lawguard provides that the composition of the Board shall be as follows:

  1. Two persons who are both Members or former Members of Council;
  2. Two persons both of whom shall be legal practitioners;
  3. One person experienced in the insurance industry;
  4. One person generally experienced in business, commerce and accounting matters.

The Council may also appoint additional Directors with such qualifications and experiences as the Council determines from time to time.

Expressions of Interest are now sought from SA members of the National Insurance Brokers Association to join the Board, particularly where it is believed that a contribution could be made in the areas of:

  1. Strategy development
  2. Management of risks to the Scheme;
  3. Policy development;
  4. Insurance skills;
  5. Brokerage experience;
  6. Stakeholder engagement;

The Board, in making recommendations to Council following the Expression of Interest process will also be considering issues such as diversity and representation.  In particular, the Board is interested in appointing one new Director who is an experienced Broker in the insurance industry.

Expressions of Interest close on 30 November 2016, should be addressed to the Company Secretary, c/- Nicolle Jardine the Office Manager of Law Claims njardine@lawguard.com.au.