PassportCard opens front-office in Moscow for the World Cup in Russia

PassportCard Travel Insurance and its Australian subsidiary – TravelCard have announced the opening of a front-office in Moscow, to serve as an immediate contact during the World Cup games.

Alon Ketzef, Chairman of PassportCard commented: “Following an up-to-date risk analysis that we conducted, and given that thousands of our customers are expected to travel to Moscow for the event, we decided to open a front-office on the ground to stay closer to our customers, and provide them with prompt first-line assistance, while they’re in Moscow”

Michel Tauber, CEO of TravelCard, Australia added “This World Cup carries a unique set of chilling risks for travellers beyond the threats usually associated with such events. Travellers must make sure they have sufficient travel insurance in place, particularly to cover health and medical costs. Given the thousands of Australian football fans flying to the World Cup, our on the ground support can be available for our Australian members in their time of need.”

This step follows a detailed risk analysis conducted by the company, as well as the number of PassportCard and TravelCard customers expected to travel to Russia. The World Cup games, which kicks-off on 14 June, carries a unique set of risks for travellers beyond the threats usually associated with such events.

This includes, among others, potential terrorism, a high crime rate, risk of car accidents, pickpocketing, unlicensed taxis, and cyber exposure – all deserving of immediate assistance to our customers, while in Russia.