Premium funding merger nearing completion


Macquarie Pacific Funding has begun shifting brokers to its new platform as its merger with Pacific Premium Funding nears completion.

CEO Stuart White says he is looking forward to bringing the full value of the integration to brokers.

“While we have been working hard to integrate into one, we have focussed on ensuring it is business as usual for our existing brokers and borrowers,” he says.

“As one business, we can provide a truly seamless experience to brokers and borrowers, having taken the strengths of both to deliver a blend of products and services that is unique within the marketplace.”

Macquarie acquired Pacific in March last year and White says a focus of the new operation is enhancing relationships with brokers.

“Part of this is using a dual touch approach in some cases, which means more than one person is responsible for the broker relationship, ensuring they always deal with someone who has a deep understanding of their business,” he says.

“Along with our tailored service offering, we will continue to invest in product and service innovation to underpin efficiencies in broker businesses and create easy-to-use solutions for borrowers.

“Many of these innovations are driven by technology, a good example of which is the online loan application facility we introduced into our platform in October 2013.”