Q&A: Karl Truijens

Insurance & Risk Professional: What did you feel when your name was read out on that stage?

KT: I honestly could not believe that I had been named the winner, especially considering the field of nominees that were present. To be judged the winner was a great honour and I obviously felt a great deal of pride, coupled with a feeling of dread when I realized that I would actually have to give an acceptance speech.

It was a great honour and I obviously felt a great deal of pride, coupled with a feeling of dread when I realized that I would actually have to give an acceptance speech.

IRP: How has the reaction from your peers and colleagues been?

KT: My peers and colleagues at OAMPS were very proud of this achievement, which is a testament to the great work that they are doing in providing development opportunities to their staff.

Across the industry, I have been blown away by the support and well wishes I have received. At the NIBA conference alone, I was approached by, and had the opportunity to talk to so many great people from different businesses all over the country – all of whom seemed genuinely happy for me. It was a great experience.

IRP: Who or what motivated you to put your hat in the ring?

KT: I originally had no choice in being nominated for this award, it was more a case of OAMPS advising me that my achievements had been noticed and that I had been nominated. 

Once I understood the values encompassed by the Warren Tickle Memorial Award, I realized that my own values were very much aligned to the requirements of the award, and that this would be a great opportunity to promote the role and visibility of Young Professionals within the industry.

From there, I received great support from my branch management and OAMPS head office, which ultimately motivated me to put time into entering a submission.

IRP: What did you do differently that may have helped you stand out from your peers?

KT: I have always maintained that my personal brand is primarily based on my integrity and drive to always do the ‘right thing’. I believe that this is what ultimately pushed me into a position to win this award.

Whether it be advising a risk management approach to a client rather than push an expensive insurance solution, having a difficult conversation with an underwriter to ensure that the client received the right terms (not necessarily the cheapest), or even withdrawing from a tender in the event that I know that the clients best option is with another provider, I will always ensure that I do everything in my power to do the ‘right thing’ by everyone involved.

IRP: You’ve recently moved from OAMPS to a role with Allianz. What has you excited about the new role?

KT: The decision to not only move companies, but also ‘jump the fence’ to an insurer was probably the most difficult of my career to date. OAMPS is a company well and truly on the rise and the timing of this award and the Allianz opportunity was unfortunate, but unavoidable.

Ultimately the opportunity to join the National Partners division of an industry giant in Allianz, and provide superior service to the business’ key clients is something that really appealed to me.

The draw card however was the exposure and development that I would receive in my new role. As a National Key Account Manager, I am looking forward to using both my underwriting and broking background to make a real difference in the coverage and service that is provided to the end line customer, as well as the broking operations that I will be involved with.

IRP: What are your goals in insurance?

KT: In line with the exposure and development opportunities offered in my new role, my goal in is to be recognised as a leading professional in the insurance industry. I am very keen to develop my technical insurance knowledge across all lines, but overall I want to be known as a good operator and a sound, ethical businessman that people want to deal with.