QBE executive among Outstanding 50 LGBTI Leaders for 2018

QBE’s Australian and New Zealand Chief Risk Officer, Mark Baxter, has been acknowledged as one of the country’s Outstanding 50 LGBTI leaders.

Professional service firm Deloitte and Google Australia announced Australia’s Outstanding 50 LGBTI Leaders of 2018, to further develop workplace inclusion and create role models for LGBTI workers.

Baxter said he was honoured to be named on this list, “To be acknowledged among such a high calibre of Australian leaders, is truly humbling. Initiatives like this are important to shine a light on the diverse roles people in the LGBTI community play.”

This year’s Outstanding 50 LGBTI Leaders list comprises of leading public figures across the corporate and public sectors, politicians, government officials, and business people from small, medium and large companies. Baxter continued, “I’ve endeavoured to provide support to others who are facing some of the challenges I’ve had to overcome as I’ve progressed through my career. Inclusion in the workplace is something I’m passionate about – being your whole self is empowering and we know it creates a happier, healthier, productive and ultimately more successful culture.”

This marks the second inclusion for a QBE leader, with the insurer’s Interim Group Chief Risk Officer, Liam Buckley, named on the inaugural list in 2016.

QBE Australia and Zealand CEO Vivek Bhatia said he was very proud to have had another one of the business’ leaders acknowledged on the well-respected list, “I’d like to extend my congratulations to Mark on this achievement and his leadership, not only in his professional life, but in the community.”

“QBE is committed to a culture of inclusiveness and Mark, in particular, has been a huge supporter in leading that change.”

Deloitte Australia CEO, Cindy Hook, said, “As a CEO, one of my prime goals is creating a culture where all our people can share their voice, allowing them to be at their best. Providing accessible role models is one of the best ways to help create change.

“When individuals don’t feel a supportive culture at work – where they can be themselves without fear or worry of being disadvantaged – it impacts their wellbeing and productivity.”

“This is an issue all business leaders should be concerned with, not only from an employee engagement perspective, but from the bottom line also. It can help address employee turnover, lost productivity and also the potential for litigation in the most serious cases of bullying and harassment.”

The 2018 list features 24 women and 26 men and also includes two transgender business leaders and an intersex leader. The list is geographically diverse with representatives from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Darwin and Adelaide.