Redundancies confirmed as Cerno undergoes overhaul

job losses

Cerno has begun an intensive staff restructuring program, with voluntary redundancies certain as the claims management firm sets about transforming its operations.

Managing Director Tony Button says the restructure will include staff redeployment but some job losses were unavoidable.

“This is not something we have entered into lightly, but we firmly believe we need to make some tough choices to make the transformation program a success,” he says.

Cerno, which last month was dropped from QBE’s loss adjuster panel, has appointed Stream Group Managing Director Don McKenzie as Acting Chief Operations Officer to oversee the changes.

“We want to make sure that the transformation delivers clear, measurable outcomes and is not just a theoretical exercise,” Button says.

“While Don’s appointment to the role is on an interim basis, a full-time resource will be appointed in due course.”

McKenzie says the changes require making tough decisions but they are already seeing positive results.

“The recent successful implementation of our new IT system – AcClaim – was the first of three critical milestones in our drive to deliver reduced indemnity spend and claims life, whilst also increasing customer satisfaction,” he says.

“The second phase of our transformation will be the creation of claim processing and support hubs through our Nexus program.

“The Nexus program accelerates claim settlement and improves quality across the business through the centralisation of certain aspects of the claim.”