Sedgwick’s evolving response to COVID-19

Whether it be through shortages at your local supermarket, cancelled travel plans, closures to your favourite restaurant or even sickness of you or your loved ones, it’s unlikely that anyone reading this is yet to be impacted by the seemingly relentless spread of COVID-19.

There’s never a good time for the onset of a global pandemic of course, but closely following the summer’s bushfire crisis together with the severe storm and flood activity that followed across the East Coast, has added to the challenge.

At Sedgwick, our response to such unprecedented claims activity was based around the ability and commitment of our local team to continue to deliver the best in service across all areas of our business – ably supported by global experts from Europe, North America, South Africa and Asia Pacific – many of whom left their families at short-notice to fly in and demonstrate our caring culture.

COVID-19 presents different challenges of course, not least the need to restrict movement of people – not ideal where many of our Adjusters are a long way from home, site visits are needed to assess a claim – or when it’s a challenge to gain access to the office.

Years of planning for such an event afforded us the opportunity to hit the ground running as the pandemic has unfolded and our response to-date includes:

  • Stress testing our capability to have 100 per cent of our colleagues work remotely for extended periods of time.
  • Increasing our use of already established remote access video to complete virtual site visits from home.
  • Additional support from our Customer Care Manager for vulnerable customers.
  • Comprehensive releases of information, both internally and externally, making colleagues and clients fully aware of our response and the best ways to remain safe – allowing access to our services to continue as per normal.

Please be assured that whilst internally, it’s anything like business as usual, we will continue to be there for you and your clients when you need us most – at Sedgwick caring counts.

To discuss ways in which Sedgwick can assist you and your clients during this time, please contact Paul Bloxsome at or 0430 273200.

To receive our regular updates as the situation evolves, please write to Paul, or follow us on LinkedIn.