Senator to check that flood-affected Tasmanians are treated fairly by insurers

In two media releases yesterday, 5 July 2016, Independent JLN Senator Elect for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has raised concerns regarding insurance companies honouring their contracts with Tasmanians affected by recent floods.

“I have been approached by a number of flood-affected businesses who have been forced to wait six weeks before an insurance assessor even visited their site – only to be told the insurance company won’t pay out. Tasmanian businesses cannot, and should not, be expected to absorb the exorbitant cost of a forced, six-week hiatus,” Senator Lambie said.

“I have been warned that some businesses will simply remain closed if they don’t receive insurance payments – because without it, they can’t recover their losses.”

Following the release, Senator Elect Lambie welcomed contact from the Insurance Council of Australia to her office.

However in a second media statement, the Tasmanian Senator Elect has repeated her desire to question every major insurance executive in Australia before a Senate Committee about they way they conduct their business.

“I’m happy that the Insurance industry has responded so quickly to my concerns. In due course – after I’m officially sworn in as a Tasmanian Senator – I will take up their offer to meet with industry reps and leaders – and discuss the Tasmanian flood victims claims.” said Senator Elect Lambie.

NIBA CEO Dallas Booth has written to Senator Elect Lambie to confirm the efforts brokers have been making to assist their clients who were affected by the recent floods and storms.  Booth said:  “insurance brokers across Tasmania have been working very long hours on behalf of their clients, to help them pursue their flood claims and to get full recovery of their entitlements under their insurance policies”.

NIBA has offered to meet with Senator Lambie to discuss any issues or concerns she may have in relation to the role of insurance brokers.