Severe weather warning issued for NSW and Qld

Severe weather warning has been issued with possibly extreme fire dangers forecast over large parts of New South Wales and also the southern interior of Queensland during Saturday as Friday 22 September is forecast to be Australia’s warmest September day on record.

Andrea Peace, Senior Meteorologist at the Bureau of Meteorology says, “With this extreme heat comes the increased risk of bushfire—particularly in New South Wales and Queensland this weekend.”
It’s likely to continue through Sunday, although conditions will begin to ease in western parts of New South Wales during Sunday.

Peace says, “The vegetation in these parts is very dry, with little recent rainfall, and this—coupled with very hot temperatures and gusty winds—is what’s leading to these potentially dangerous bushfire conditions.”

And if this temperature forecast evolves as is currently expected, a significant portion of New South Wales and also parts of the southern interior of Queensland may set new September temperature records on Saturday; and one or two locations in New South Wales may even exceed 40 °C, and this would be the first time that’s ever happened in September.