SME workers comp in focus for new video series

NSW brokers now have another resource in their inventory when discussing workers compensation insurance with small business owners.

GIO has released a series of educational online videos aimed at imparting the significance of workers compensation cover and the benefits proper claims management can have.

Suncorp Chief of Commercial Insurance Workers Compensation Portfolio Jason Allison features in the four-part series, which covers how workers compensation works for small businesses in NSW, how claims are handled, and the importance of strong claims management and prompt return-to-work times for injured workers.

Allison says the series is designed to support the expert advice given by brokers and intermediaries.

“Many owners are aware they are required to have insurance in place, but aren’t necessarily aware that there are ways to maximise the value of their cover,” he says.

View the first videos above or head to the Official GIO Insurance Australia YouTube channel for the full series.