Steadfast, AIMS join NIBA Board

Graham Stevens, President of the NIBA, today announced two new directors – Steadfast’s Nick Cook and AIMS’s Glenn Schultz – who will be joining the NIBA Board of Directors from October 2016.

About representing Steadfast on the NIBA Board, Cook who is Steadfast Executive General Manager – Partner & Broker Services, says: “For me, being on the board of NIBA is all about the insurance broker having a united voice at the table. It’s critical for broking to have an organisation that knows Canberra and how it operates, who can speak to politicians and can present insurance brokers in the best possible light.”

AIMS’s General Manager Schultz adds: “Part of what we must do is to build a really strong NIBA that brokers are absolutely confident in, that it will represent their interest and get the best result in whatever the issue is. The better NIBA represents brokers, the better brokers can do their job for clients and address the problems clients have.”

Stevens warmly welcomed Cook and Schultz to the Board. “I am delighted that Nick and Glenn are joining the NIBA Board and look forward to working with them on building a stronger voice for brokers. Having Steadfast and AIMS represented on the Board means NIBA represents the overwhelming majority of insurance brokers in Australia.

“Nick and Glenn’s skills and experience complement the Board’s, which will put NIBA in a strong position to protect, enhance and promote the business of professional insurance broking in Australia.”