Sydney broker accepts dare to raise funds for CCI

Rebecca Wilson, General Manager, Austbrokers ABS accepted a ‘Dare the Boss Challenge’ and put  herself into the shoes of a parent of a child with cancer for one evening, both emotionally and physically.

Every year more than 950 Australian children and adolescents will be diagnosed with cancer, and every week nearly three Australian children and adolescents will die of cancer. To increase awareness and raise funds the Children’s Cancer Institute encourages corporate employees to dare their boss to do something brave to represent the courage required by these children and adolescents to face each day of cancer treatment.

For her dare Wilson along with eight Austbrokers ABS members made up of staff and management, cooked for over 30 families staying at the Ronald Macdonald House in Randwick who have children diagnosed with cancer or other life threatening illness.

On her preparations for the event Wilson said “Anyone who knows me knows cooking isn’t my strong point hence a career as an insurance broker and not a chef.  We cooked Mexican and a BBQ with me busily studying the recipes before the event”.

She believes that as an industry we should be raising awareness for more causes like these.

“One of Austbrokers ABS core values is supporting young people, we are involved in a number of charities that work directly young people such as The Reach Foundation, CCIA and a number of other organisations supporting people with disabilities. As members of the insurance industry we have a platform to influence throughout our own networks, by giving back and helping to raise awareness of different causes we have the ability to really make a difference.”