Sydney hail storm update

The latest available data for the Sydney hail storm catastrophe places the estimated value of the event at $1,038,704,566 (82 per cent domestic, 18 per cent commercial) with 118,886 (93 per cent domestic, 7 per cent commercial) claims lodged.

The December 20, 2018, hail storms that battered Sydney and many other NSW communities and the ICA declared a Catastrophe for this event just days before Christmas.

The breakdown of the figures are as under:

26,322 Residential Building Claims, 18.72 per cent closed, average value $14,047
5,546 Contents Claims, 29.05 per cent closed, average value $4,453
78,221 Domestic Motor Claims, 14.15 per cent closed, average value $5,799
56 Domestic Other
1,676 Commercial Property Claims
6,488 Commercial Motor Claims
527 Business Interruption Claims​
50 Commercial Other (including crop, marine, aviation).

The next data collection date is 14 March. Previous posts related to this event are available here, here and here.