Tax change draws NIBA ire

NIBA has joined the fight against the Federal Government’s plan to place a $2000 cap on tax claims for work-related self-education expenses.

NIBA CEO Dallas Booth is one of 27 not-for-profit CEOs in the Professional Associations CEO Network (PACN) calling on the Government to amend the legislation or withdraw it in its current form.

The convenor of the group, Australian Human Resources Institute CEO Lyn Goodear, says many occupational groups will see this decision as a disincentive to undertake necessary education and training.

The expenses limit is likely to save the government a modest $514 million but the flow-on effect on professional development could weaken industries across the board.

Booth says: “A highly trained workforce is the core of any successful business, and that applies to the not-for-profit sector.

“We need to be able to attract and support the best people so we can enhance what they know, how they work and how they relate to and advise clients and customers.

“Severely restricting work-related self-education expenses is counterproductive to good business.”