Terror not the only violent threat to business

An Australian emergency management firm has seen an uptick in inquiries about preparing for terrorist attacks since the Martin Place siege.

However, Security Threat Specialist Joseph Iannazzo says businesses should be just as concerned about incidents involving current or former employees.

Since terrorism fears have been heightened, Iannazzo’s firm Dynamiq has received numerous requests for assistance in preparing for incidents such as an armed assault on a workplace.

“At present, I would say many organisations may not have taken adequate steps to identify the particular threats they’re exposed to,” he says.

“Some organisations have general plans in place. However, they may not address the specific threats faced by them in the context of the overall security environment.

“The threat of a terrorist act is a trending issue currently being discussed by the media and risk managers alike. However, the likelihood of a malicious insider or a disgruntled worker, contractor or customer should be just as concerning.”

Iannazzo says that if a business is concerned it is not adequately prepared for an attack, it should consider:

  • Undertaking an assessment of any unique threats to the organisation,
  • Reviewing the security of their premises, ideally with a counter-terrorism expert,
  • Updating existing security and emergency policies and procedures, and
  • Training staff in the new policies to ensure they are clearly understood.
  • “It’s an unfortunate reality that there will likely be a future terrorist attack in Australia and as a result, in my view and in the view of many in the industry, the threat level in Australia could increase from high to extreme for a period of time,” Iannazzo says.