The 2018 Dive In Festival starts soon!

The global festival for diversity and inclusion in insurance, Dive In, is back for its third year in Australia, and has expanded even further interstate!

The Dive In Festival was first held successfully in London in 2015 and across 10 countries including Australia in 2016 and in 2017, the festival attracted more than 7,000 people in 17 countries and 32 cities.

This year it set to be held September 25-27 across 51 locations, with a series of events in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth:

25 September sessions


Out in the workplace: The power of LGBTIQ+ inclusion will look further into the work of Diversity Council Australia’s LGBTIQ+ inclusion research report, which explores what it means to be out at work and what organisations can do to make everyone feel included. Register for this session here.

Stories to Inspire Change – Turning Adversity into Opportunity. Listen to the stories of some truly inspiring individuals who have seen the opportunities presented by adverse and challenging circumstances in their lives, and turned them to their advantage, successfully effecting positive changes in local and international communities. Register for this session here.

26 September


Inclusive Leadership: The event with inspirational insurance and business sector leaders experienced in delivering inclusive organisations on the panel, will reflect on their achievements and the organisational benefits derived from it indeed being the Time for Inclusion and what leaders and organisations can do to deliver more inclusive organisations across the insurance sector. Register for this session here.

27 September


Waking up to Mental Health: An open conversation with Lifeline Chairman John Brogden and specialist psychologist Greg Prescott. Register for this session here.

Future of work: It’s 2018 and the insurance industry remains one of the most non-diverse industries in Australia. For those leaders wishing to understand how to future-proof their organisational success, this event is not to be missed. Register for this session here.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Inclusion: Time for action.
The marketplace for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees is becoming increasingly competitive; what would make an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander want to work with you? Register for this session here.


Inclusive Leadership: In the insurance industry, the legal profession and in business, both diverse and inclusive workplaces are invaluable. Register for this session here.


Diversity Doesn’t Stick without Inclusion. Register for this session here.


Cultural Diversity within the Insurance Industry: It is easy to acknowledge that Australia is a culturally diverse country, the question worth exploring is whether peers, managers or leaders in the insurance industry are un-consciously excluding those with a cultural background or not enabling an environment where all feel welcome. Register for this session here.

Head to the Dive In website at for more information.