The secret to an award-winning insurance broker’s success

The role of brokers will be even more important in the future says Kim Gilbert of Zenith Insurance Services in WA, the cover star of the December issue of NIBA’s Insurance Adviser magazine.

He was picked as the winner of the 2018 QBE-sponsored Stephen Ball Memorial Award for Insurance Broker of the Year and believes the secret to success in insurance broking is always putting the client’s interest first. He says, “In my mind if you always ensure that your client has the right product at a competitive price, supported by the best service then you develop a long-term partnership where both parties benefit and you give your client no reason to look for alternatives.”

He adds that the broker of the future will have “higher levels of education, which will become the norm as we transition from an industry to a profession and they will perhaps need to be a little more specialised than today’s broker”.

Gilbert looks at the future as opportunity in a rapidly changing market, he says, “I also think tomorrows customers will be significantly more demanding and have higher expectations when it comes to understanding their risk exposures, brokers product knowledge and level of service.”

Gilbert emphasises that the relationships brokers invest in, the professionalism and the emotional intelligence they apply is what  will enable brokers to stay relevant long into the future.

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