The too busy mindset is costing you business

The concept of ‘busy’ has become a habit with an undesirable impact on lives, teams, businesses, careers and personal brands believes a leadership consultant.

Julie Hyde says, “Busy creates a perception that can damage customer advocacy and talent retention.” At a luncheon series for ANZIIF, Hyde hopes to raise awareness around the issue as well as plans to challenge participants to show others what’s possible and bring out the very best in them.

“When we’re too ‘busy’ to return calls, build relationships with clients, or even meet with our team, what we’re really telling these people, who are the key to our success, is that they aren’t important,” she says.

The world of insurance is increasingly disrupted, constantly changing and incredibly competitive. Brokers are busy hopping from meeting to meeting, trying to meet client expectations and dealing with a hundred things at the same time.

The world is busy and that’s not going to change. But we can be better prepared and learn to juggle work, family, relationships and hobbies to lead a more balanced life asserts Hyde.

As a business leader, you can have a positive impact on people and lift them up, empower them and instill confidence, or you can cut them down she believes. Having experienced both leadership styles, and some in between, Hyde will deliver a recipe for brilliant leadership at the upcoming Strive—Lead & Inspire Luncheon.

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