Time to talk travel insurance

There hasn’t been a more appropriate time for brokers to speak to clients about travel insurance.

Our news feeds are full of Australians being caught up in terror attacks in far flung tourist destinations and parents having to set up a crowd-funding pages to get their loved ones back to Australia for medical reasons.

Neil Gray from Mason Gray Insurance and Risk in WA says, “We live in a dangerous time, a lot of us are internationally mobile and there is no doubt that our services as insurance professionals are needed to ensure our clients are taken care of when they travel.”

Buying insurance based on online suggestions is a confusing landscape for any buyer and might not provide the best cover. Gray says, “A lot of people spend a lot of money on their travel but are reluctant to spend on insurance.”

Credit card versions of policies can be more restrictive than the standalone counterparts, may carry a higher excess and may not be valid if all the travel arrangements haven’t been booked on the same card.

Gray adds, “When you buy a non-generic policy, you pay premium for quality support, there is no doubt about what is covered, you have a number to call when you need and insurers will go out of their way to help you.”

Gray tells us about an incident involving Australians stranded in Nepal after the devastating earthquake in 2015 where AIG chartered a plane to arrange repatriation of impacted customers.

‘Responding quickly to help customers is of paramount importance as an insurer, particularly during catastrophes,’ says  Tim Christian, AIG’s Head of Accident & Health  – Australasia. ‘Within hours of the 2015 Nepal earthquake, our global service centres offered around-the-clock security information, medical consultations and other assistance. After seven days, all crisis support for our customers was completed.’

As experts, brokers can assist their client directly with expert advice throughout the insurance process. Gray says, “In the event of a claim a broker can help the process along quicker and get you back on your feet faster.”

It is time to remind your clients that paying premium for the right cover will save them money in the long run.