Top 10 tips for connecting with young business owners

Be real

From the earliest interaction with a client let down your guard, drop the professionalism and be yourself. Build a relationship that goes deeper than surface level.

Educate your consumer

When talking with young business owners you are in the business of education. Position yourself as an expert in your field; draw on external resources to educate your consumer such as white papers, videos and ebooks. In face-to-face meetings focus on the different considerations clients need to take on board when searching for your product or service.

Offer the best

Make sure that what you offer clients is the best in the market. Gen Ys have grown up in an information age and are as a result very resourceful and proactive in seeking new solutions and new information, so make sure yours is cutting edge.

Paint the vision

Take your client’s future on as your own, look at the bigger picture and make the effort to understand their vision. Identify with your client that the insurance products you offer are part of the overall success of their business.


It is the provider who has contacted a client most recently and most frequently that a Gen Y client will go to when making a decision. Build a relationship with them; do not treat them as just another client.

Market to women

Great brand strategies target females first. In today’s age females are the decision makers and the tastemakers.

Don’t underestimate them

The person sitting across the table from you might not have a university degree or a tertiary qualification, however chances are they are a savvy young business owner.

Be the leader

Don’t just put different options in front of your client, offer a strong opinion and give the benefit of your years of experience. Be comfortable advising the consumer on what decision to make.

Speak their language

People relate to people that they are like, so build a commonality with the person sitting over the other side of the table.

Embrace difference

Highlight the differences that will promote synergies between the advisor and the consumer.

 Jack Delosa is Managing Director of entrepreneurial community The Entourage. Phone 1300 496 488 or visit