Underwriter launches online uni

A specialist underwriter has made a bold move to shake up insurance education, launching an innovative CPD site aimed at young professionals.

Brooklyn Underwriting this morning launched Brooklyn University, which allows users to immerse themselves in a virtual university and earn CPD points by learning about niche insurance topics with the help of animated videos.


Brooklyn General Manager David Porteous says they created the free site as a way to give more value to their clients.

“We don’t want to be just another insurer or agency. We must do and give more to make a meaningful difference for our brokers,” he says.

“Further, the Brooklyn products are specifically designed to be niche or unique. This also provides a great avenue to educate our clients about the specifics of those niches in order that they themselves can understand their clients exposures at a deeper level. If they can do this then they are better prepared to ensure the right cover is placed for those risks and exposures.”

Porteous says the development of the site was also driven by a belief that learning about insurance did not have to be dry or dull.

“Insurance in so many ways is fun, vibrant and exciting and so we sought to create a new education platform that provides traditional insurance theory in a manner which is different,” he says.

Current subject topics include EPS panels, tropical strata and property basics, with Brooklyn promising a steadily growing library in the coming months. All courses are accredited by NIBA for CPD points.

As an open platform, use of the university is not restricted to Brooklyn clients or even brokers.

“I can see new underwriters, claims and administration staff finding the university useful also,” Porteous says.

“We want the market to embrace the university as a great resource for any young professionals. I also want to continue to build our faculties and subject lines as times go by.”

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