Using your social network to grow your client base

Do you know your social media network has the potential to super charge your sales efforts? We spoke to Tom Skotidas, one of the world’s leading authorities on social selling: the process of generating B2B sales leads using social networks.

Social Selling is the process of using social platforms, like LinkedIn and Twitter, to build our personal brand, grow professional relationships, and generate qualified leads.  In Skotidas’s opinion, these social selling outcomes align with the real-life outcomes that brokers seek.

Having spoken to a lot of brokers at NIBA Convention 2016 he has suggestions for insurance intermediaries who want to use social media to develop their business

Skotidas says, “The first action is to use the Advanced Search function of LinkedIn, to identify relevant prospects and referral partners; the second action is to build a personal profile page, featuring a professional picture, headline, summary, and marketing asset gallery; the third action is to begin approaching these prospects and referral partners using connection requests or introduction requests”.

It is important that brokers, like every other professional, stay relevant he believes, “Your prospects, partners, and customers are using social platforms for research and discovery.  Therefore, you must be present on these platforms, and regularly engage their target audience.”

Personal branding of utmost importance on social networking sites and it is essential that brokers build a suitable brand. “Personal branding is a critical marketing asset for any professional, including brokers.  They key to building a strong professional brand on social platforms is: (a) to connect with, or follow, relevant prospects, partners, and customers, resulting in reciprocal connections and follow backs; and (b) share relevant industry content at least once per week, ensuring that each post features the broker’s own insight,” he says.

If you want to know more about social selling you should attend Skotidas’s session at the 2017 NIBA Convention in Sydney. Early bird registrations are open now.