Vigilance is paramount to reduce cyber risk

Establishing effective policies and procedures and building an information secure culture will contribute to safe guarding and mitigating cyber risks within an organisation.

Over the weekend a global phenomenon occurred with over 200,000 people affected by a cyber-attack on a number of government and business organisations around the world.

“Digital platforms are changing exponentially and the use of portable devices and other internet connected technologies along with ‘cloud’ based information storage provide increased opportunities for cyber-attack,” says Leo Demer, CEO JLT Australia and New Zealand. “Organisations need to be more vigilant in how people manage their information and protect their data.”

Evidence shows that many organisations lack the necessary engagement with cyber security and appropriate staff training to mitigate the threat of cyber-attacks.

“Response to cyber incidents is critical. Cyber risks and incident response should form a key component of an organisation’s business continuity and disaster plan. While at this time only a small number of Australian organisations appear to be affected, we encourage government and business to audit their existing processes and policies or put necessary practices in place,” Demer says.