VIRDG and NIBA 2019 Mentoring Scholarship

NIBA and the Victorian Insurance and Reinsurance Discussion Group (VIRDG) have announced an industry-first, joint initiative to provide high quality education and mentoring support to assist in attracting and retaining experienced individuals to the insurance and reinsurance industry.

This will be an opportunity for professionals to continue their professional development with the successful candidate/s being mentored by a mix of CEOs and Senior executives from all five facets of the industry, namely insurance, broking, reinsurance, reinsurance broking and insurance agencies.

The scholarship will involve a mentoring program with key CEOs and Senior executives from the Australian Insurance/Reinsurance industry. The successful candidate/s will spend the equivalent of one day with these individuals to obtain firsthand an invaluable insight into what makes a person a CEO.

There will be an opportunity to experience different company cultures and take away experiences that will assist in your personal career development whilst building an enviable network. The structure of the time spent with each CEO/Senior executive will be negotiated as this will be dependent on their time restraints. Confidentiality during the mentoring program will need to be highly respected as you may be exposed to individual company intelligence.

The scholarship will cover reasonable travel costs incurred outside of your city of residence, except for travel to and from your local airport for flights within Australia. These costs must relate to the mentoring program only. It is foreseen that a majority of sessions will take place in Melbourne to take into account time restrictions for both Mentors and Mentees, however trips to Sydney will also be expected.

NIBA and VIRDG would like to encourage eligible insurance professionals to apply for this scholarship which will provide an invaluable opportunity to further enhance your professional development. The scholarship is now open for applications and will close on 14 June at 5pm AEST.

The successful candidate/s will be contacted by email on the 5 July and a general announcement will be made shortly after this date.

Applicants must apply for an eligibility determination by:

• Being an Australian permanent resident currently working in the local Insurance/Reinsurance industry in Victoria
• Being in the age group up to 45 years of age
• Having at least two years’ experience working in the Insurance/Reinsurance industry
• Submitting an essay containing up to 2,500 words on the topic listed below, together with a completed application form (as shown in this document) and CV, all lodged before the closing date.

2019 Essay Topic: ‘What will the Australian Insurance Industry look like in 2029?’ The successful candidate/s for this scholarship will submit the best essay (as determined by a judging committee) giving a clear insight into how they see the Australian insurance industry in 10 years’ time. This will be in consideration of the many challenges that exist today, and new challenges that will develop in the future.

Essay and other additional requirements:

• The essay must contain up to 2,500 words and will be judged on a clear and detailed view of the topic. It will also be judged on the applicant’s ability to communicate ideas and information, and to share the skills and knowledge obtained through the mentoring program for the benefit of the local insurance industry
• The applicant must send a copy of their current CV containing details of work history and career goals
• An endorsement from your CEO or Senior Manager (as detailed in the application form) is required in order to obtain support for this scholarship and also to allow you to take time off work to complete the mentoring program.

Please email your application form, essay and C/V by 5pm AEST on the 31/05/2019 to Paul Milliken:

Please note that this is a one-off scholarship and is separate from the NIBA Mentoring Program.