WannaCrypt – things you must discuss with your clients

From all the coverage of the Wannacrypt ransomware virus that has crippled institutions around the world in the past few days, these key issues have emerged:

1. Is you operating software (Microsoft Windows) fully up to date, with all recent patches loaded and installed? The virus was identified earlier this year, and Microsoft has issued a patch to fix the problem in their software. It is critical that the patch is installed and operating properly.
2. Is your anti-virus and anti-malware software operating properly and fully up to date?
3. Do you have sufficient cyber insurance to respond if something does get through and affect your computers? You will need help to unravel the impact of the virus, and you may also need help if your business is closed while this happens.
4. Do your employees know how to identify spam emails? The best anti virus is no help if a staff member opens a suspect email attachment.

These key messages apply to insurance brokers own offices and systems. We suggest you check with your IT supplier to make sure everything is up to date and that you are fully protected – and fully backed up!.