What natural hazard is your’s or your client’s land subject to?

The Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) has developed an online tool which gathers natural hazards information for land around Australia, the latest version of data has now been released and can be accessed by all industry stakeholders at the link below.

Natural Hazard Data for General Insurance Advocates v6.0​

This version (6.0) incorporates some great feedback from industry users received over the last month. Usage of the resource has steadily grown to the point where it is now receiving just over 1,200 unique visits per week by industry stakeholders.

By going into the web site and specifying an address, the site will provide an overview of the natural hazards that may well be relevant for that land.

This information is particularly important in relation to exposure to flood, fire and other hazards.  The aim of the tool is to educate stakeholders about natural hazards in specific locations, how those factors may be relevant for risk pricing, and how steps might be taken to reduce risk through mitigation.

Feedback is welcome, and if you have any comments please provide them to NIBA CEO Dallas Booth at dbooth@niba.com.au.