Young talent campaign launched

ANZIIF has set in motion an integrated initiative – Careers in Insurance – to inspire young people to consider insurance as a future pathway.

Developed after substantial research on the motivations and ambitions of Gen Y and Gen Z, Careers in Insurance aims to raise awareness, change perceptions of insurance and provide a channel to opportunities for young people.

ANZIIF General Manager of Marketing and Insights Meg Brideson says research shows that 94% of insurance businesses struggle to find talent.

“Attracting and retaining quality talent is the key to our industry’s success and it is crucial to ensuring that we have the workforce we need in the years to come,” Brideson says.

The initiative, which runs under the theme ‘Go anywhere. Do anything.’, has been developed in partnership with NIBA and the industry through the ANZIIF Corporate Supporter Program.

Careers in Insurance launches with a website designed to appeal to a younger audience through its use of video, personality archetypes and careers content.

The website also offers a CV repository and job board to link students and job seekers with potential employers.

In March, Careers in Insurance will move into universities and schools through careers expos, providing an opportunity for students to meet insurance professionals.

“No business can single-handedly achieve what this initiative sets out to – to transform us from being an industry that people fall into to one that people seek out,” Brideson says.

NIBA CEO Dallas booth added: “We are extremely proud to be strong supporters of this campaign, and having been involved since its initial planning stages.

“I would urge all our members to get behind the campaign. By doing so we can all do our part to raise awareness of the benefits of a career in insurance, and help attract the next crop of bright talent. We all win from that.”

The initiative will also undertake coordinated communications activities spanning social media and advertising, as well as school, university and tafe channels.

Careers in Insurance will be attending university careers fairs in Melbourne and Sydney this month, with brokers, underwriters and insurance lawyers present to help distribute the message directly to the target audience.